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Frequently Asked Questions
Having trouble creating a account?

I never got my confirmation email.
Have you checked your junk mail? Sometimes emails are falsely marked as junk so it may be a good idea to check there first. We also advise adding "admin@helloclan.eu" to your safe/allowed senders list so you do not miss out on any important emails. If the confirmation email is not in either your inbox or junk mail then contact us at www.helloclan.eu/contact.php

My confirmation link doesn't work?
If your confirmation link does not work make sure it is correct, as long as the first and last letter in the URL you go to are the same as the one in the email then it should be fine but should this not work then contact us at www.helloclan.eu/contact.php

Profile Questions

Why can I not comment on a status?
You can only comment on statuses that are posted by your friends, if someone who is not your friend posts on your friends wall the same principle applies and even though you will see the status on your mainpage you will be unable to post a comment.

How can I post a Photo/Video?
Posting an image or video in your status is as simple as going to your profile, selecting Photos or Videos, then clicking the "Upload Photo" / "Upload Video". Your status will automatically update with it. If you got a video/photo from another website, it's as simple as pasting the URL into your status and then clicking the "Video/Image" button that appears which will load a preview of how your status message will look where you can edit the description.

Can I change my username?
Yes you can, simply do this by going to "Profile" in the navigationbar. Selecting "Security Settings".

How can I add a new friend?
You can add a new friend my pressing the "manage friends" link on the menu to the left of the screen and inputting their username. Alternatively you could go to their profile and press the "add as friend" button.

How can I update my avatar?
You can update your avatar by going to "Profile" on the main navigation bar and then choosing "Profile Picture".

How can I change my signiture?
You can change your Forum Signiture by hovering over "Profile" on the main navigation bar, then choosing "Profile Settings". From there you can alter your forum signiture by putting in URL's for images surrounded by the "[img] [/img]" tags, or anything else that fits your fancy.

Problems with logging in?

I can't remember my username.
If you have forgotten your username then it should be in the email you used to sign up, if you no longer have this email then contact us at www.helloclan.eu/contact.php using the email you registered with and we will retrieve your username.

I can't remember my password.
If you can't remember your password then press the "I forgot my password" link on the homepage to have an email sent to you with the steps required to reset your password.

Other Account Issues

My account has been banned.
If your account has been banned then it is likely you severely broke a rule in the User Guidelines, or ignored multiple warnings about other offences. If you feel you were wrongly banned, or would like to place an appeal against your ban, then visit the contact page.

My account has been hacked.
If your account has been hacked you should contact us immediately using the Report Abuse page where you will be advised on the next steps.

I received a warning.
If you received a warning from an admin or moderator, don't worry, the world isn't over. However you should take notice, these warnings will often include a quote or link to your actions that breached the User Guidelines (UG). As well as an explanation of what you did wrong. If you violate the UG again, its likely your account may be suspended or perminatly banned. Take these warnings seriously.

My account has been tampered with.
If you find that your account has some settings differnet than normal, such as your profile picture changed; or freinds were added or deleted. It is possible that it has been hacked, or an admin has made changes because you violated the User Guidelines (UG). Check your inbox, if there is no notice from an admin or moderator that your account has been altered, quickly go to the Report Abuse page and follow the steps.