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  • You'll be asked for basic information in starting up a whole world of new experiences here at HelloClan such as your preferred username, which will be used to recognise you in the community, along with an active email address and a password.
  • After that comes the confirmation code, one of the most important aspects when creating an account as it lets us know you are not an evil robot who is planning to take over the world using HelloClan as a base of operations. If you can't read the code then click the refresh button.
  • If you filled in all the fields correctly, you should now have the activation email in your inbox. Simply follow the link in the email to activate your HelloClan Account.
Connecting with Friends
Your registration should now be complete, learn how to connect with your friends below.
  • Start with getting a hold of your friends! - If your friend already has an HelloClan account, and who in their right mind wouldn't, all you have to do is to simply type their username in the "Search field" on top of page. The Result page will provide you with a "Add Friend" button that adds them right onto your friendlist.
  • So what if you don't have any friends on HelloClan? The saying "There are no strangers, only friends you haven't met yet" fits in perfectly on HelloClan! As our Search Engine does not only let you search for your buddies nicknames, but also lets you put on really great filters. You could for example search for all the people owning the same game as you do, all the people playing on the same servers as you do, all the people living in your city, all the people that are in the same clan as you, all the people that speaks japanese and the list goes on and on.
  • Your friends will now be able to view,comment and like your status updates, photos, videos, etc.
Exploring HelloClan
Now that your friendlist isnt empty anymore, we can start exploring the site!
  • Profiles
    Your profile on HelloClan is the heart your content, this is where your media & posts are collected.
    Fresh up the profile by adding a Profile Picture and fill in some fun Info !
  • Homepage
    The homepage. Your homepage is the hub of your HelloClan experience; from here you can access everything from your profile, to your friends and the notifications you will inevitably receive once you start adding friends. At the centre of your homepage you will find your wall, the main component in your arsenal of social networking tools, here you will see the latest updates from your friends; whether your friends post a new status update, make new friends or upload pictures to their gallery you will see it here. Another important area of the homepage is the navigation menu on the left; from here you can access the main areas of HelloClan such as your notifications, your friends and the ever increasing community. There is also a search bar on the homepage, and I know what you are thinking, oh great... another useless search function that turns up the wrong results and I will never use but just wait a minute! This is no ordinary search bar as this particular search bar can find all manner of things from people who like pizza as their favourite food to those who like reading conspiracy theories as an interest.
  • Messages & Chat
    You are probably asking yourself, what makes the chat so great?, and that is a simple question to answer. Firstly it is instantaneous; as soon as you send the message your friend will receive it but if they happen to go offline, or are offline when you send the message, the message will be waiting for them the next time they log on. Secondly, it stores logs! This way if you ever need to go back to a former discussion it is as simple as clicking the log icon!
    Messages are useful tools when you need to have a private conversation with someone, whether it is asking them to marry you or just a discussion you would rather have away from prying eyes a message is just waiting for you to send it, especially when time is not of the essence.