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Privacy Policy

The following is underconstruction and revision, and is likely not the finished product. You are by no means obliged to follow this agreement in it's current state.

1. Information we collect when you sign up:

When you sign up for HelloClan you must fill out some required fields;
Your username is viewable to anyone who visits the website and is used to distinguish you from other users.
Your email is required so that we can keep in contact with you; it also gives other users the ability to contact you via email; however this can be disabled in your security settings.
Your password is required in order to secure your account; however it is encrypted and stored in our database which we won't hand over to anyone, even if they are the illuminati and offer us membership in the new world order.

2. Other information we collect from you.

Other information we collect from you:
Whenever you post a status, add a friend, join a group or perform any other action, we collect the data you provided. This could be as little as telling us you joined a group but it can contain more data should you provide it, so if you display your location in a status update, we will also collect that data.
We also collect information about you from other users when they mention you in wall posts or pictures.
We may also collect information from you that may not be apparent or publically viewable, information such as your IP address, browser, operating system and other details that are passed onto us when you connect to HelloClan are likely to be collected, as well as metadata that may exist when you upload images.
3. How this information is used:

Most of the information never leaves our server, and anything that does is wiped of any personally identifiable information such as your name to ensure your privacy. An example of information that might be shared with third parties is your location, which helps advertisers provide advertisements appropriate to you. We may also occasionally publish statistics such as the amount of traffic we get from various sources such as how many of our visitors use windows 7 as an operating system, or how many users visit from the North Pole.

4. Privacy options

Most of the stuff you post on HelloClan can only be seen by people with a HelloClan account, and most of it can be customised to only be viewable to certain groups of people, however there are exemptions;
The forum:
If you decide to post on the forum anyone who visits it, regardless of whether they have an account or not, can view your profile picture as well as your location and any content you post.