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Terms of Service

The following is underconstruction and revision, and is likely not the finished product. You are by no means obliged to follow this agreement in it's current state.

1. Privacy

Privacy is an important aspect of user interaction here at HelloClan, whether it be between multiple users, or users and HelloClan, and as such our privacy policy was designed with the intention of informing you about how your data is used, if at all, by HelloClan as well as how it is shared with other visitors to HelloClan. We advise you to read the privacy policy thoroughly in order to better understand how information is used and contact us should you not understand it, allowing you to make better decisions on just what is shared and who it is shared with.

2. Content

All content that you upload to HelloClan's servers is owned by you, and as such you can control who sees it by choosing an appropriate privacy setting, however in doing so you agree to the following provisions:

2.1 Any content you upload that is protected by Intellectual Property rights, automatically grants HelloClan a worldwide, royalty-free, non-exclusive license to use, reproduce, process, adapt, modify, publish, transmit, display and distribute such content.
2.2 Should you decide to delete any intellectual property, you understand that publically inaccessible backup copies are still likely to exist.
2.3 If you decide to use an application for any aspect of HelloClan, you understand that while we expect applications to follow a guideline, it is your agreement with the application, as opposed to HelloClan, that governs how any data you input is used.
2.4 If your profile is publically available you understand that any content you post can be accessed by anyone with access to the internet, regardless of whether they have a HelloClan account or not.
2.5 While we are glad to receive feedback, suggestions and other ideas conceived by you, you understand that we are not compelled to reward you for this information regardless of whether we use it or not.
2.6 Any and all content you post remains your own property, and as such you are responsible for that property and any consequences that may arise from it. You agree to remove all liability from HelloClan, its employees, members of the board, investors and shareholders except where HelloClan can be deemed responsible by relevant laws.

3. Safety

At HelloClan safety is one of our utmost priorities, however you must understand that we cannot guarantee your safety by ourselves, as such we expect you to do the following;

3.1 You will not post commercial communications without prior written consent from HelloClan
3.2 You will not harvest content or information belonging to users, or access HelloClan using automated methods such as bots, without prior written permission.
3.3 You will not engage in illegal activities on HelloClan
3.4 You will not upload malicious code, or create applications involving malicious code, either in a raw or compressed form, that automatically executes or requires user intervention to execute, regardless of your intentions.
3.5 You will not attempt to gain login information, either by asking a user or by illicit means, or login to an account that is not your own.
3.6 You will not bully users, regardless of the method or how discreet the bullying is.
3.7 You will not post any content that can be deemed derogatory or pornographic. You will also not post any material that can be deemed threatening; that incites potentially illegal activity such as violence; that consists of extreme nudity or contains graphic violence.
3.8 Any applications you make will be appropriately age restricted based on their content and in accordance with Swedish law, if they are available internationally. If the application is not international then it must comply with the laws in which it was created and have its age restrictions based on that of the country with the highest rating where it is available.
3.9 You agree to abide by the promotion guidelines should you decide to offer any promotion/contest, or publicize a promotion/contest, on HelloClan.
3.10 You will not use HelloClan to perform any actions that are illegal, misleading, discriminatory or malicious in their intentions.
3.11 You will not perform any actions that could negatively affect HelloClan, directly or indirectly, such as attempts to degrade its integrity or cause its servers to become less responsive to legitimate user requests, either temporarily or permanently.
3.12 You will not perform any actions that violate, aid in the violation of, or withhold information about violations, past, present or future regarding the HelloClan terms of use.
3.13 You understand that interpretations of words used in this statement rest solely on HelloClan and that any violations will be dealt with on a case by case basis in accordance with internal guidelines that can be made available on request.

4. Registration

4.1 You will not create an account for another person unless you have permission to do so on their behalf.
4.2 You will only have one HelloClan account at any given time.
4.3 If your first account is disabled permanently you may create another one after 1 month has passed, attempts to create one before 1 month has passed will result in the account being disabled immediately. Should your second account be disabled, you may not create another account without written permission from HelloClan.
4.4 You may not use personal profiles for commercial purposes.
4.5 It is recommended that you keep your contact information up-to-date to ensure prompt resolutions to any account problems that may occur.
4.6 You will not share your password with anyone else, or allow anyone else to access your account.
4.7.You will not perform any action that intentionally jeopardises the integrity of your account.
4.8 You will not trade your account, or anything that you have created in association with your account, with another person without permission from HelloClan.
4.9 When choosing your name you agree to make sure it does not violate trademarks or intellectual property rights. Should we get a complaint we reserve the right to change your name to one more appropriate, either permanently or temporarily, depending on whether you don't reply or do reply respectively.

5. Protecting rights

HelloClan takes user rights seriously, and in order to ensure the rights of all users here are upheld we expect you to understand that:

5.1 You will not post any content, or take any action, on HelloClan if it violates a user's rights or is illegal in its nature.
5.2 We reserve the right to remove any content that you post on HelloClan if we believe it violates the HelloClan terms of use statement
5.3 If you believe your intellectual property rights have been breached then you can seek guidance at our copyright infringement page
5.4 If you believe any of your content had been wrongly removed then you can appeal the decision at our copyright infringement page
5.5 If you decide to infringe the rights of users repeatedly your account will be disabled
. 5.6 If you collect user information it must be with the users consent and you must clearly state who is collecting the information and for what purpose it will be used. Providing a privacy policy specific to your usage of the user's data is recommended and you agree to exempt HelloClan from any criminal proceedings that arise from your collection of the data.
5.7 You will not post confidential or private information on HelloClan, regardless of who it belongs to even if permission is granted by the individual or company in question.

6. Advertisements

6.1 When we place advertisements on the website we do so with you in mind. In order to perform this service you agree to the following:
6.2 We may provide non-identifiable information to a third party in order to provide advertisements that are relevant to you.
6.3 We may not be held responsible for the content of the advertisements provided by a third party.
6.4 You will not engage in practises such as click fraud that provide us with false information.

In return we agree not to provide any personally identifiable information to advertisers without your prior consent.

7. Amendments

7.1 We can make amendments to these terms of service when we feel it is necessary without informing you prior to the change unless it will directly affect you, in which case we will inform you of the change 7 days before it takes effect.
7.2 We can make minor changes to the terms of service without any prior warning, such as correcting a statement, without informing you beforehand. This clause takes priority over 7.1

8. Termination

8.1 If you violate any of the clauses within this statement we reserve the right to terminate your account after sending out a notification email. Should your account be terminated this statement will no longer apply to you, however it will still apply to any information of yours that continues to exist after termination