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26th Jan - 12th Feb Competition Winners!

The First Ever HelloClan Competition

What's all this about? Allow me to explain. It is my job after all.

Battlefield Vietnam is our most active server currently. It's has in fact always been our most active server, and was our only server until recently. Because of all the players we have met from all over, we thought we'd make an interesting PR stunt for one of our other game servers. The way this competition is going to work will be explained below. This event is solely for our Battlefield Vietnam players.

Please note that in order to take advantage of this competition, whether you are playing to win it for yourself or win it for a friend, either way you must have a Steam Account

Please Read!

The following list of winners has been chosen for the reason that they were the best in that category in which they have won. Although in some cases certain players qualify for other categories, they are locked into the category we chose so we don't prize-stack. There are three winners for 3 categories. Kills, Score, Rounds Played & Weapon Specialists. Weapon Specialists will consist of three winners as well. Weapon Specialists are those that find joy in using the game's many ways of creating chaos and death. For example, knife kills, plane kills, tank kills etc & etc.

The Winners


h.Ward with 1908 kills

-Hellsfury99 with 1716 kills

-=A.S.K.E.R=- with 1392 kills


Jum_P with 4507 points

-=Int.]-[=- rick with 3350 points

Livgardet with 3337 points

Rounds Played

Mupy-Mup with 106 rounds played

OneEye with 86 rounds played

-[HELLO]-Vmax with 85 rounds played

Weapon Specialists

[RUS]WarrioR with 49 knife kills

Ana Ly Zing Hue with 296 explosive kills

=KGC= BarFly with 162 booby trap kills

Congratulations to all our winners and we hope you enjoy your prize! Please get in touch with IceSkater via email at: iceskater@helloclan.eu if he has not been in touch with you yet. There will be a grace period whereby if you do not claim your prize by the 19th February 2018, it will be randomly handed out.

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    Jan 13, 2018
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