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HelloClan's Discord Server

Downloading + Installing:

Visit Discord's download page here and download the app according to your Operating System. So in my case I'd choose Windows / PC. Once the plus minus 50mb file has downloaded, run the application. The installation is pretty straightforward and easy. During or after the install, you might be prompted to give yourself a username, at this point it is advised to create an account. Once all that is done, the app should look something like this:

Setting Up Discord for Voice Chat::

It is basically the same as TeamSpeak in this department. It should, by default, select your microphone and headset. However if it does not, please note the three icons to the right of your username. This is located at the bottom left corner of the app. As seen here:

Hover your mouse over each icon. There is the cog, which will say User Settings when your mouse is above it. Click on that and you will be brought to your settings page. It will look something like this:

I have already clicked on the Voice tab on the left hand pane in the above image. You will need to click on the Voice tab when you open the User Settings. Here we will select your input (microphone) and output (headphones/speakers) devices. You need to choose the ones you are using as everyone's pc varies. Remember you can change both your microphone and speaker volume on that same window. Also remember to select Push To Talk from the drop down menu below the volume sliders. Next to that option you will be able to select what key you want to use for talking. That's the basic setup for the Discord application! You can tweak it to your liking if you wish, it has many features and options.

Joining the HelloClan Discord server:

Click on this link: here and it will take you through your web browser and depending on if you have downloaded the app, it will either launch your Discord app or you can continue through the web version. Note that if you do go through the web version and have not created a free account, you will lose your username and connection settings. Once joined, you'll automatically be in the General channel. If other users are in this channel with you, start talking! Or join one of the team voice groups with a single click and you'll be connected! You can also use the #bfv channel to text chat with other players. I will monitor this channel so if you would like to make some suggestions, this is the place. You can also send private messages to other users or your friends.

There are only two golden rules:

No trolling. Use Common Sense.

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    May 28, 2018
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