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HelloClan Leader
I am making this topic purely to shine some light on the Admins of this last, active, community of BFV.

The current Admins are players, just like you whom is reading this. They are volunteering their pure game time to preserve what is left of the BFV atmosphere.

They do not get paid and they do not really benefit any way by being Admins. Therefore they do not have to put up to public harassment, abuse, derogatory claimsor plain out dislike by players.

But they do.

Why? Because it is their decison and theirs alone. They choose to help this community. Help me. The free time they have, they could be doing something outside their homes or with family, but instead they choose to come online and help enforce the rules to keep the game atmosphere positive for you, the player.

Here and there, a few players mention the work Admins really do. Which is a lot all things considered. Other than that, being an Admin is very much a thankless title.

If there were no Admins, this game would likely die off quickly. The Admins are instrumental to the upkeep of any game atmosphere.

I think we have a really good bunch of Admins. They are all fair, they are willing to help and above all else, they listen to the players.

I allow the Admins to use their discretion in most circumstances. I trust them. They are not power mad. They don't warn or kick you just because they don't like you.

Obviously, if an Admin did abuse their power or acted unfairly, I would deal with that situation in a totally neutral frame of mind.

Recently a situation occured that reminded me of past circumstances before I had the Leader position which further pushed me to create this topic.

As mentioned above, Admins are players too. They have lives, just like you, outside of BFV.

Admins can make mistakes. Like warning you when it was another player breaking the rules. Or even if no one was at fault. We are all hardwired to watch and be ready to act as soon as possible to prevent damage before it begins. So there have been a few occasions where even I myself have jumped the gun and punished an innocent player. It happens, we do make mistakes. This does not make us power mad, it's a mistake and accident like that coca cola glass we all eventually drop at least once in our lifetimes.

On odd occasion, an Admin may be addressing you, and then suddenly stops or leaves. It is not because they are ignoring you. It is due to something happening their side. Like guests arriving or family members talking to them at the time.

If this happens, send them a PM, in a dignified manner, and continue the discussion. Don't rant a about how they are "not doing their job", how they talked or didn't talk to you. It helps no-one. Treat them how you want to be treated. If you treat the Admins with disrespect, don't expect them to roll out the red carpet immediately. Treat them with respect and they will return the favor.

While the Admins represent HelloClan and their actions paint the potrait of what HelloClan is, I won't haul any of them over the coals for getting angry or frustrated at how they get treated here. They are grown ups, they can choose how to react or not to react in situations. There are of course guidelines for them and even myself where if a line is crossed, there will be consequences in order to preserve the image of HelloClan.

I am not saying Admins can go tell people off in nasty ways, but they have just as much right to set the record straight as any player does.

I will always see Admins as people that truly want to do good. However, snide comments over the years can take it's toll.

Restraint is any Admins enemy. And I think the current Admins have that enemy by the throat.

So please be mindful of the work the Admins do for you. They are there to help you. Their life has demands, and mistakes will be made. But they are here to help.

Their game time is significantly reduced by carrying the title of an Admin. The few times they just start having fun, their title calls and they answer. They are loyal to the game. They respect it and no matter what, they will always have my gratitude and respect.


Elite Poster
Very kind of you Skater, and have a HEAPING serving of that sentiment yourself!!! As you are an admin just like us and so much more. Thank you for keeping things afloat. And to SK I have a special place in my heart as well, he is like KING ADMIN in my eyes for the saintly manner in which he put up with BS from the playerbase, enemies, and even admins.....mad respect and much love.

El Alamein

Battlefield Vietnam & RS2:V Admin
As far as admins go, I recognize that I'm pretty low on the ladder as far as both seniority and regular activity go. But I do consider it an honor to be trusted to uphold the law of the land, and even more so to serve the playerbase that I have grown to respect over the years. It saddens me that there's so much conflict and disagreement between players who are unified by their love for a very old game. But, I get it--it's a natural human reaction to have arguments with other people, and I'd hardly say that there isn't an abundance of camaraderie and good will between players as well.

I try not to take stuff personally because I get the frustration and disillusionment that players experience in the face of perceived administrative inaction. But I would like to encourage everyone to try to see things from the other point of view before getting mad. I'm not talking about rulebreakers who main rape or destroy vehicles or the like--you have every right to get mad then. What I'm talking about is when some rule breaking might happen and an admin doesn't respond instantaneously. As Skater mentioned, people have lives and might be AFK. Or heck--they might be in the process of typing a warning and they simply weren't given the chance to submit it before the accusations and complaints start flying.

Please understand that, at the end of the day, your admins genuinely have your best interests, and the best interests of this game we all treasure so dearly, at heart. We're not out to get you and we want to listen and make your playing experience better. And, I, personally, try to represent the voice of the ordinary player when need be. I think this administrative intent is often overlooked or misunderstood.

I appreciate Skater's post here, and I hope we can all take his message to heart.

I'll see you guys on the field of battle.

~The Deadliest Warrior


Normal Poster
Love to all the admins.

No matter how hard you guys try there will be always some moaners and there's nothing to do about it shamefully.

The idea of being an admin is to make a rapid decisions (and punishments), otherwise it's just a useless title.

Don't worry guys, most of content players will not express their gratitude but it doesn't mean you're needed! You are!

Cheers for all hard work; don't worry about those who are used to getting rather than giving :)