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Map Voting


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I was just on playing a little bit.

Look at the numbers:

19 players were playing on Saigon 68 when I got into the game.

Next map was Ho Chi Minh Trail. I started the map and immediately started a map vote. It failed so I left and went to do laundry. The player numbers at the start was like 9 or so. Ended up with 8 players playing the map.

Next map Operation Hastings. When I joined, red had capped blue main. I immediately started a map vote for same map. It passed. There were 11 players.

The 2nd time we played Hastings, 12 players.

Next map was Hue. I started a map vote for Game Warden. Vote failed so I went to spectate. When the map ended, there were 8 players.

In my opinion, the map vote feature has been a real plus. The one problem remains, however, that we lose players when certain maps come on, even with map voting.


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I like when you put the extra effort in to document this sort of thing Pinky, it helps us see what is going on not just hear it.

I think mapvote has not been enabled long enough for us to make a summary judgement imho, but you do have a valid point here.

Perhaps there is a way we could track these numbers over a longer time period whilst giving mapvote a good run and then see what to do?


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Thank you my dear friend!

I'm trying to buy a party barge for Saylorville Lake this summer. Promise me you will come boat and have a few adult beverages. Lots of half-naked women......

Hell, all of you turds are invited, including Doey.



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Captain Canada, Vmax, Ricey, Peach, Nagi, Robo, Mr. Orange, Shauny, Mr. Big, Fears, Doey and Clint Eastwood have all advised me that they want to be on the boat.


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Pinky, I would love to participate, however it's a bit far for me to travel from europe as I'm quite busy in summer.
Wish you have a nice time ;)


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I will be bringing some home brewed beer and some Kangaroo steaks if I they let me into the country :p


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Good summary Pinky!

How about increasing the vote threshold just a bit higher than?

I like the mapvote when out of 4 players 3 of them willingly change map to sth cooler.

With that vote cap I haven't seen succesfull vote with like 20 players. Higher cap will disencourage from that vote spamming sometimes while still (hopefully) leaving it possible to win with let's say 4-6 players on the server max.


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I don't think those numbers can be changed as to map voting. I don't know. You would have to ask Shauny.



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Map vote hasn't been so bad Vmax. I haven't seen one succeed in days, perhaps the past week. It's not being used as much as it was when first implemented.

With the change in the map order, I really don't care if it is removed. It is nice when there are but a few players on and they don't want to play one of the bad maps.

I am in favor of giving FF a try. We had a discussion on this topic just the other day. Some of the guys in the chat believed that players would leave the game because of it. You throw a grenade and you kill a teammate. Mines would be a continual problem and we would get to the point where players simply wouldn't use those kits.

It is unfortunate that the system cannot be better tweaked for Friendly Fire.