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Attention BFV Players, Clan Members & Admins


HelloClan Leader
Good day to all,

It's been sometime since I have seen you all together online, I hope that changes soon.

I just want to start off by letting my gratitude be known. My gratitude to you, the player, that contriubtes time into Battlefield Vietnam. For you see, it is you the player that keeps the game going, providing input and competition on many levels for fellow players. Showing that there is still activity within this old game.

It is a known fact that without the player there can be no game. There can be no server and there can be no community.

In it's haday, the BFV we all know and love, was populated with numbers we no longer see. I wish I was around then, I mean a full server is full of competition and it makes things very challenging, right?

Honestly, with all the regular players, the game was always challenging. The average of about 23 we normally have make the game interesting and fun. It's becuase one goes up against seasoned players. And hell do you guys put up a fight!

Through a build up of events over the past few years, the BFV populace has somewhat dwindled to even lower than average numbers...


Through gamespy shutting down. Through the attacks by disgruntled former players. Through upgrading to V1.21 & through the laborious password changing...

We still exist.

Through all the hiccups, all the frustration, Battlefield Vietnam is still going. Not strong admittedly, but we are still going.

This Clan, this community, has proven to be a very resourceful and resilient entity. I honestly had my doubts at times. I mean, things came down to a tight finish line during the few tests of strength. Yet we all overcame it.

I learned something from this community and that is to never second guess nor underestimate it.

So I want to thank all of you, for the past support and continued support. I want to thank all of you for playing the game. For keeping it alive!

Not so long ago SK, (SucceededKiller), entrusted me with the game and clan. He made me the -[HELLO]- Bfv Leader. I could not have wished for a better clan to Lead to be honest.

Yes, we may not be at all active as any other clan, but I know that this clan is hardened. It is the living incarnation of will power.

No other clan in the world has gone through what we have. I'm 99.99% sure of that.

So I also want to thank all of our clan members. Active or not, everyone contributed to the longetivity of this community.

I'm in a small predicament at the moment, which does not allow me the courtesy of being on every night like I used to.

Two elements have allowed me to be inactive and have piece of mind at the same time.

The first element is the Admins.

You guys sacrifice pure game time to enforce the rules and ensure that the game does not become tainted with ill will. There are bumps in the road, but you have always pulled through and I am grateful for everything you gents do for me, the clan and BFV.

The second element is SK.

He has enforced my will during my abscence and has been the bridging point between me and BFV. Thank you SK for being the middle man during this period. It really is appreciated but not expected of you. ;)

While I am here, I'd like to say the following:

Some rather unpleasant news. We unfortunately won't be able to distribute the BFV iso anymore. However, I will see if we can find a workaround with or without EA's help.

While BFV is my primary concern, we still want to grow the clan and expand to other games.

We are trying this with Rising Storm 2 Vietnam. Which at the start proved successful, however we need to keep the player numbers up in order for it to be worth keeping the server going. So please gather the forces!

The road with Battlefield Vietnam has been a lengthy road fraught with uneven ground. However we will continue to flatten the land and pave the way so long as there are players.

See you in-game somewhere along the line.

-[HELLO]- IceSkater aka Shaun


Elite Poster
It is something we are working on. For the time being you may have to look up alternate ways to get the game.

Here is what one of our leaders wrote about this subject:

SucceededKiller said:
Yesterday I received a DMCA request regarding the ISO I uploaded.

I knew it was possible, but I figured EA had more important things like their new games and not trying to make a 13 year old game as difficult to get as possible, but I was wrong.

Unfortunately this means I can no longer provide the download of the game, so until EA decides to do something about distributing it themselves, if they choose to do it at all, we are unable to provide a download...


HelloClan Leader
Re: Attention BFV Devs, update Download BFV

Supporter said:
Please update your Download Link to Battlefield Vietnam, google has got delete it: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8kuND ... sp=sharing

Well, I appreciate that the time and thought I put into creating this topic gets used to bring up that, which has already been stated within said topic... >.< :/

As my colleague Robo mentioned, we won't be able to distribute the ISO anymore. So we are looking into ways to sort that out legitimately.