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A public meeting place for open discussion


Regular Poster
Not being funny ice but Forum
(A public meeting place for open discussion)
its not a fecking school
people are getting warned and kicked for talking to each other all be it a bit heated up at some times
do you want them to come to this forum and talk
also I was kicked twice last night by DW when on spec is that normal he did ask was I playing I was freeviewing around the map at the time but game said I was not on spec some fecking hack lol


Regular Poster
Thanks ice no I did not tell DW partly my fault I was eating and just thought he had not looked but just as I checked if I was on spec but it seemed the game was happy for me to fly around but had not put me in spec mode but had listed me in the game strange?


Battlefield Vietnam Admin
Hi V,

I think threads get locked with flame wars begin and people stop respecting each other. My experience is that this is the case with this forum as with any other moderated forum I've participated in.

I think an open exchange of opinions are always welcome by participants who demonstrate basic civility. Disagreeing vehemently is ok. Calling people names is not.

Hope to see you in game soon!

El Alamein

Battlefield Vietnam Admin
Hello V,

I don't personally remember this action (not saying it didn't happen--heck, it probably did--I just don't remember). I do periodically ask players if they are playing when they appear to be AFK; however, if you were to have answered, I know for sure that I would not have kicked you.

If I kicked you in error, I do apologize sincerely. I only kick AFK players to balance teams. If you were in the spectator slot I wouldn't have kicked at all; maybe it was a glitch and you were in the spectator slot but to me it seemed like you were on a team.

Again, I'm really really sorry. It was an accident and probably some weird glitch going on. I wish I could explain exactly what I was thinking but I have no recollection of the incident.

~The Deadliest Warrior