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Battlefield Vietnam Challenge Mode & Campaign (Tour of Duty)


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Turns out the "challenges" feature is still pretty much intact.

To do challenges in BFV, run game from console like this:
BfVietnam.exe +restart 1 +continueChallenge 1
Then a map starts loading, press Escape to cancel loading the map.
BfVietnam.exe +restart 1 +goToInterface 9
Now you can choose between multitude of challenges.

Most of them are buggy and not very interesting, but still cool to try out.

For campaign (Tour of Duty as they call it) use:
BfVietnam.exe +restart 1 +goToInterface 1
After winning the map, the second map will appear (Clicking NEXT in game, when won, will crash the game, but state is saved, so next time you can select the next map in the list. Best just not to click NEXT)


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Re: Battlefield Vietnam Challenge Mode & Campaign (Tour of D

Hey amd

Thanks a lot for sharing your finds with us.
I was always wondering why they did cut the campaign mode from the final game. As it was present in the beta version.