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battlefield vietnam wake island


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hi ice and all the admins any chance of adding battlefield vietnam wake island to the maps
might give it a new lease of life


Battlefield Vietnam Leader
Hi Peter and anyone else looking in,

I think the WW2 mod that came with my game has:
Invasion of the Phillipines
Iwa Jima

My hypothetical 1 vote here says that so long as we have 'All Maps' we can add 3 more. Provided it doesn't go to shit if people have to modify the game client on their PC.



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thanks for your vote Max yes its a 285meg addon with 3 maps have put on my server and its seems to run ok


HelloClan Leader
Hey Pete,

I was running the WW2 mod maps on our event server for those who wanted to play them.

This we can try. However, players will need to download and install the mod their side if they don't have it already...

Otherwise I can set it up on the event server again.

Let me give it some thought, but please feel free to add to this. :)


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Wake Island is the bomb and how I got hooked on BF in the early days. To bad it couldn't run as a standalone on the event server to see if attracts interest ? I know we dont want to take away from All maps.

But the change up sounds like fun.


HelloClan Leader
I'll try get these maps going on our event server for now.

I'll do my best to get it going during the week or at least have it running by next weekend.

I would not mind adding it to the main server but the headache some players could endure to get it going / the hassle involved to them might just be not worth it.

I'll run it on the event server and make all the relevant announcements during the week. :)

Capt. Canada

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peteware said:
hi ice and all the admins any chance of adding battlefield vietnam wake island to the maps
might give it a new lease of life
Actually, this is a pretty good idea. Anyone who has been playing the same maps for the past 13 years would probably welcome some variety.

Years ago, I offered a few suggestions:
1. a grass-roots campaign to increase players by getting current players to give BFV as a Christmas/birthday/hate you present with instructions of how to access the Hello server.
2. move the flags and spawn points if for no other reason than to alter the same redundant strategies.
3. add some bots so that players will have something to do while they wait for other players to join.

One final suggestion...and rest assured, this one will be unpopular, possibly because it comes from me but mostly because it requires genuine effort. Why not have an exclusive one-weekend event called Battlefield Vietnam Homecoming? Look through the player list and find the players who were once prominent on the server but who have not played in the past year or so. Send an invitation for them to return just for old times' sake to play against some of their old adversaries. I mean, who wouldn't want an opportunity to kill some former alleged players again?



HelloClan Leader
Hey all. I have added the WW2 Mod maps to our event server.

Let's see how that goes.

@Cpt. Canada,

You have great suggestions. The bot's however might be a problem. I'll have a discussion with SK regarding resources of our server machine then I'll comment back on that idea.

For all those interested in getting the mod and playing these maps, please visit www.helloclan.eu/bfv/ww2