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Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Leader


HelloClan Leader
Good evening all,

I am very pleased to announce the official in-statement of Grizzly.exe aka michuneo as the HelloClan RS2V Leader.

This means that Grizzly is hereby responsible for HelloClan's RS2V server and intends to grow it into something worthy of note, at least I hope that much...

Thank you Grizzly for taking up this task. It's never easy growing a new server, but as you said, there is hope!

Happy hunting and see you in-game somewhere along the line...

- IceSkater


Battlefield Vietnam Admin
ALRIGHT GRIZZ!!!! that's awesome and Congrats. Now I guess i have to buy a new game "RS2V" ive been wanting to try it anyway so when I get some extra funds I'll be gettin that one :) can't wait to get in there. Cya soon <salute>


Normal Poster
Cheers guys!

We all hope for more action on RS2V maps particularly when nothing's on on BFV server!

I do recommend buying the game, so far my fav. Vietnam FPS I had pleasure to play, no doubts.

See ya on the battlefields chaps! :)


HelloClan Leader
I would like to just update this topic.

Grizzly, bless his views, will no longer be the RS2V Leader. He and I had a talk and it is for the better.

Taking his place will be RamboFD, with whom the server has already see nearly full capacity these past few days.

Good luck Rambo,

May the force be with you.