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RS2:V map order


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The map order on HELLO RS2V is still quite basic so one of the first things we need to change in order to bring more players is adding more maps.

List your favourites maps you'd like see on HELLO server here map list. Either original ones from base of game or from recent Aussie add-on or any modded ones - doesn't matter ;)

Some modded maps are as good quality as original ones! We can't have all of them so we have to choose the best dozen or so.

My first wink to older players comes with a modding contest map which is good ;)


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Alright, noted - cheers Rambo!

Now here's the thing: RS2V maps are quite big so I won't 'just add all of them to not be bothered' but I want to pick up like a dozen, maybe a tot more; so really any ideas are welcome. We got 4 basic maps we run now and we need to at least add two Aussie maps for starters so after maps you've mentioned Rambo that leaves us with just 6-9 maps more, it's your moment folks!


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The following maps seem to draw a lot of people:
Hue City (Territories)
Hill 937
An Lao Valley (Territories)

From my experience, this is in order of popularity, with the first 2 being extremely popular.


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The custom maps that Grizz, Vmax, and Rambo discussed require downloading. The maps that I suggested that can round out the rotation are standard maps that don't require downloading. Downloading isn't too bad - the server will automatically stream it to you if you try to join a custom map round.


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EDIT: The map is no longer under development

Just jumped over the following map that looks very promising.
The map shares some similarities with Saigon 1968 and has the same background as Fall of Saigon from BFV ;)

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