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Merry Christmas!


HelloClan Leader
Hello, HelloClan community,

Yet another year draws to a close here for us.

2017 Has been a good year all round, at least I'd like to think so. A couple of new players have hopped on board, we've expanded the clan into not one but two new games and all has been plain sailing thus far.

We're continuously looking for games to endorse, and as always we are always open to suggestions.

I'd like to send some shoutouts while I have your attention...

A big thank you to our new RS2V leader, Grizzly.exe and our new BF1 leader, Chilled Reaper.

It's a time consuming title and is a mammoth task to populate new servers, so thank you both for accepting the title and helping me grow the Clan.

An even larger thank you to the people that commit all their gaming time to maintaining the peace and prosperity, our Battlefield Vietnam Admins. I know it's a tough job sometimes, maybe most of the time, and that your game time is reduced greatly when the server is busy. It's thanks to you gents that I'm able to sleep in peace. You have helped me greatly during my absence and maintained independence unless it was absolutely needed to contact me, and that was greatly appreciated.

So thank you once again for all the time and trouble gents.

The biggest thank you of all though, goes to you - the player. Without you all we wouldn't be around, and I wouldn't have met all the new friends I've made.

Some of us may butt heads now and then, but in the end when we are in the game and playing, we are all a big community. Something I aspire to keep up the legacy of.

So thank you to all the Staff and all the Players. :cool:

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year ahead.

IceSkater & The HelloClan team


Battlefield Vietnam Admin
May your Holidays be Happy and Safe,
May the New Year bring Joy and Wonderment,
May we Grow as a Community in 2018,
And may Many more Dreams come True....

Merry Christmas players, admins and leaders :)