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The Last Jedi


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Hey All ,

I am a big StarWars fan and I was wondering if anyone saw " The Last Jedi" and if they liked it ?

I thought it was a great movie and it takes a little imagination to follow along.

Any feedback on the Movie ?


HelloClan Leader
Hey Mr. O,

I, much like yourself, am also a huge Star Wars fan. Having been with Star Wars through every movie and every TV series as well as the odd books in my collection, I kinda can't get enough of it. :D

I was somewhat disgruntled when George Lucas left and Disney bought the rights, but I very much enjoyed The Force Awakens and as far as I'm concerned it was a true Star Wars movie. It had John Williams for pete sake. :D

Having watched all the trailers for The Last Jedi, and enjoying the misleading nods here and there within said trailers, I was excited for the next adventure.

I overall did enjoy the movie myself. Especially the puppet version of Yoda (spoiler!). I did think there were a few things that maybe could have been done better, but all in all it leads up to a fantastic finale I believe.

I also very much appreciated the fact that, again SPOILER!, they didn't write an end scene for Carrie Fisher in The Last Jedi. I liked the nods it had to the original ideas George had for Princess Leia, al la her Force connection in the scenes she had. All in all it was rather brilliantly done.

Honestly though I was frustrated in the end...with General Hux and big bad Ren, having all the lovely firepower and not staying on point. However it stays true to Star Wars fashion, and for once I was actually rooting for the Rebellion aka Resistance because of Carrie Fisher. So there's a win there.

I've seen outburst from a lot of Star Wars fans about the Last Jedi and I can understand why. However, doesn't mean we all see it through one vision. :p

Give it approval seal, I do.
Hate it, I did not.
Enjoyed it, I did. Hmmm yes, enjoyed it very much, I did.