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Ban: Captain Carnage

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HelloClan Leader
Admin: Myself
Rule Broken: Inappropriate Language
Action(s) Taken: 1 Day Ban
Admins Note:

I was briefed on a situation stirring between Silvia and Captain Carnage by the Admin(s) around. Although the players were warned, the Admins were lenient and allowed themselves to be opened up to some...unnecessary verbal abuse.

Silvia will be getting a PM from me as she at least did not purport the idea that people from certain places are "rejects".

Captain, you also began by using a Mom comment. So not good. Silvia retaliated from thereon and so the war began between the two of you. I'm banning you now to remind you that there is some consequences to saying uncouth things to those that are here to actually look after players and do this without any compensation whatsoever.
Not open for further replies.