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HelloClan Competition


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Hey all!!

As the title suggests, and as the main page for the competition shows on the forum home, we are running a competition!!

Visit the page to check out the details and use this topic to discuss it if you'd like!


Happy gaming!

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Well I know it won't be me but maybe Hellsfury , Phallic or Rick may be pretty close to the top :D


HelloClan Leader
So I thought I'd take a look at the stats and see who is winning thus far

-=Int.]-[=- rick is on the home run to be an assured winner, followed Jum_P & Pinky in the Kills category! With HellsFury burning ahead close by! Sadly, the runner up, Phallic, has had Admin action taken against him, and thus he is not part of this competition. Maybe next time.

Remember guys, we've got four categories to play for! Yes I'm being mean by not telling everyone what the other three are, but hey where's the fun in that?

A couple days left to go in the Competition and there will be three winners in each category one way or another! Keep up the good fight peeps!
Congratulations all. :)

Hope you all enjoyed this, was something different for us but it would be fun to do again if there's an interest.

Thanks Ice for setting it all up and organising it. :)


HelloClan Leader
Thank you Hells,

The support and public acknowledgment you have posted here is much appreciated. It certainly reminds me of why I stick around. ;) All the good that get's done. Not all the bad that get's noted.