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Lets See how you look in real life


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we have been playing together for a long time . would like to know where u guys are from and how u look in real life :D
Send your own picture !! :D


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Let me just add to what Asker has said here,

If you want to you can share what you look like, by using the "Attach files" button when making a reply. However, due to storage spacing, there is a maximum file size, if you get an error when attaching a file, you'll need to please use third party sites to host the image otherwise it should work just fine.

I'll share what I look like if there's a few of you that do it. :)


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WARDOG / Joplin, Missouri , USA Chose the name in 2004 from a Pink Floyd song which contained the lyrics < Unleash the Dogs Of War >:cool:rays 002.jpg
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I'm not a very active photo taking person, of myself at least, but hey. Since we are all aboard, why not. At least some of you whom have not skyped with me or have me on facebook can attach a face to a name. :)


Ps. I used to make use of rock star type long hair...this was when I was growing over it...

Edit: In keeping with Askers initial post, I'm posting to you from sunny & hot South Africa, for those who didn't know :D


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[QUOTE = "- = ASKER = -, post: 59478, üye: 5335"] birlikte uzun bir süredir oynuyoruz. İnsanların nereden geldiğini ve gerçek hayata nasıl baktığını bilmek isterim: D
Kendi resmini gönder !! : D[/ ALINTI]

I wonder how 'nagi' ist