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Lets See how you look in real life


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we have been playing together for a long time . would like to know where u guys are from and how u look in real life :D
Send your own picture !! :D


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WARDOG / Joplin, Missouri , USA Chose the name in 2004 from a Pink Floyd song which contained the lyrics < Unleash the Dogs Of War >:cool:
rays 002.jpg
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[QUOTE = "- = ASKER = -, post: 59478, üye: 5335"] birlikte uzun bir süredir oynuyoruz. İnsanların nereden geldiğini ve gerçek hayata nasıl baktığını bilmek isterim: D
Kendi resmini gönder !! : D[/ ALINTI]

I wonder how 'nagi' ist