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Hi? This is strange.


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Hi there! This is weird, but I'm from HelloMiners, a Minecraft community that was set up as HelloClan Minecraft in 2012 as a faction server - a Battlefield in Minecraft if you will. It is now different, as we have a separate forums (hellominers.com), and we are now an economy server. When looking through Registered Users, we see a link to this site, so I decided I'll visit it and see what it's like.
We were originally called HelloClan but changed it when we switched to economy. Some of you might remember.
Our server is made by the same people - Tedde (HELLO?) and SK. Tedde abandoned us and worked on Everipedia, his Wikipedia knock-off. Apart from that, we have no similarities apart from the name.
Do you know about HelloMiners? What's your response to this?
Anyway, I'll be posting a forum post on hellominers.com about this site. I've been waiting to see what this site is like, and I hope you have fun here.

Kind Regards,


HelloClan Leader
Hello IcyLuke79,

HelloMiners and HelloClan are two separate entities now. Same owner, Tedde, but different entities.

HelloMiners is for, and only for, the HelloMiners minecraft server(s).

HelloClan is dedicated to various games. Although only three at the moment, it's in no way associated with HelloMiners.

The main HelloClan site used to be used for for both main gaming and HelloMiners until HelloMiners got their own site going actually...

Since SK left his legacy of managing HelloClan to me, with Tedde's approval, I've since then moved us over onto a newly designed website, with only current stuff going on. All the old HelloMiners posts that used to be on our old site are in an archive, so this is probably what you remember too.

Just to correct you on one point there, Tedde hasn't abandoned HelloMiners. :) He's got a certain amount of input there, more than any HelloMiner will know. SK is still around there as well, and takes up the reigns with server issues for the Miners.

Just a foot note, HelloClan mainly represented Battlefield Vietnam. A couple of other games back in the day, but our flagship is still Battlefield Vietnam.



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Unfortunately not...

I believe though that most of it (hellominer related posts) should be on the HelloMiners site, dating quite far back.

On the other hand though, I'm happy that the link on HM to this site was found. :)


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Bada bing bada bong Adu is here boi
I made this account so long ago but like i didnt have Battlefield (neither did i like playing other shooter games) so couldnt play so i joined Hellominers.
Also mr Ice have you thought of expanding to CSGO?
Hellominers made a steam group for steam games but the nubs all went inactive lmao.
Pls expand to csgo thanks