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A little bit of a bug


HelloClan Leader
Hey Rus,

The first issue being that I haven't actually completely sorted the light theme out. You'll note it probably also says "Xenforo" where HelloClan should be. But that is not that big an issue...I'll get around to fixing it later on.

The second one isn't actually a bug...I've forced the dark theme for most pages. Mainly because during the creation of all this, I used HTML code which was originally intended to keep with the dark style. So one would not have been able to see the pages texts etc if light style was able to be used.

Again though, I will get around to sorting all the theme issues out within the week.

I can swear I saw here a first line indent working before, but now it seems gone. It greatly increases the text readability and really should be implemented here, as it looks not so hard to do.