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Mr. Big

We all make mistakes and do dumb things. Mr. Big does or does not deserve another chance?

  • Yes, I too have made mistakes.

    Votes: 6 66.7%
  • No, I have never made a mistake.

    Votes: 3 33.3%
  • Yes because we could use players.

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters
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We all make mistakes. We get 2nd chances. We get 3rd chances. He's one of the few that gives me fits on the Island flag at Flaming Fart. I miss that.

Can we get another chance for Big please? REX2 still rapes and we deal with it. Player still switches willy-nilly and we deal with it.

Asking for a favor here.



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Hi Pinky
There are 2 things you can rely on in life, MrBig won't be back and REX will rape again. :)

Threatening the server is a far worse crime than mainraping mate.
The Mainrape and teamswap rules are reletively new rules and were put in place to improve gameplay only and are a pain in the arse to enforce as I am sure you know, but not essential to the game.

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Welcome back Vmax! I'm in sunny Sarasota, Florida visiting friends. It's a little cool here but it is to warm up this weekend.

Sounds like Big dug a hole from which he cannot get out.


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Just because the boss doesn’t like him for the banning on Christmas Day is awful. I heard it hurt him terribly. He has always enjoyed play on this game and Ice never told the whole story correctly as a real person should have. I’ve talked to him a few times. He explained how he misses several people, incl pinky, helz, skits, Vmax, Wardog. Etc etc etc. I’ve played with him, he’s fun and a pleasure. Just because you believe it was him that trashed you , you were wrong. He’s a gentleman. He asked me to say that he’s sorry but truly wasn’t his fault and the players know he’s not a crazy man. Tough life he’s endured, but his enjoyment was playing your server. Enough about him. I’m ready to kill people! Thx for letting me on your server. Let the games begin! Lol

HackSlashDice I am assuming,

I made sure to display all our transcripts to ensure such an idea could not hold gravity. View-able for your entertainment here: https://www.helloclan.eu/threads/8095/

For what it's worth, and I'm just stating it so it's out there, I have all of my Admin's acknowledgement when I banned your friend.

Also, whilst you say it wasn't him doing it, whom was sending me all the emails? Whom was threatening me? Who was calling me a Nazi? Who was calling me such awesome names? More importantly, who was threatening, excuse me, promising to crash our server with Good_Hash as reinforcements?

Who was it!? :)

Unless this person was so hell bent on naming and shaming Mr. Big's real life that he took the time to register a false email address (with Mr. Big's real name, and surname(?) ) and harass people with it, I'm afraid your statement above holds no ground upon which to stand.

I may be the "boss", but I still have my Admins and the rest of the players who can easily switch off to me if I'm out of bounds. I must be doing something right, otherwise I'd likely not be here. :)

He may miss these people genuinely, that much I can understand. He still chose to follow suite with venom laced emails to me and that is what truly solidified his Permanent ban.



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If you knew how much this game meant to your father, why did you go on to tarnish his name? You must be the world's #1 son.

You're father scarifcies a lot for you, his son. Any father does. And yet you made it a mission to go and tarnish his name?

It's good you're admitting and trying to take responsibility for your actions. It takes a man to do that. You must have matured quickly after immaturely logging in as your dad and insulting players under his name.

However your dad still sent me those emails and I didn't take screenshots because I respected the privacy that was his real name.

If my admins wished otherwise, he can come back.

As far as mutual respect goes, your dad and I are done. I neither oppose nor support his return. The admins know what happened and it can be by their grace that he returns or by their decision he stays banned.

They're welcome to decide publicly here if they want to. But if you don't see any replies here by them, I think you should then know he's not being allowed back.

Have a nice life.


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He won’t stop your ancient game so whatever. All he said is that it’s his island. You people are old and or biast about my dad. Ice skater, whilst,(your favorite word) trying to be a hero, turns out your not too bright. Your the rude loser that posts untruths about my crazy father. He will be mad because he wanted to see what I sent you. You should be ashamed. He’s in your top 10 list of all time . I did what I should, now you do what you should. Sorry I ruined his reputation on your server.
I read all this, and then I had to read it again for some reason. Here' s why. Ice

- Crazy Mr Big loved the game so much he may have deprived his family while at it.
- Makes sure Ice knows this "Just so you know I am way popular than Nagi or Sarge Fear. " LOL I busted a gut on that one ... :rolleyes:
- He goes on and on insulting Ice after surviving 2 life bans
- Threatens the server and mentions partnering with the Hello clans worst enemy
- Goes on to ask for a 3rd chance because more immature family members want to join in on the attack while pretending to be him.
- Now the crazy son wants to come clean insult ICE and everyone's intelligence that it is he alone that caused all this .
- Lastly claim that Ice is of a lesser person because a nut may and I say may have duped him into thinking you are the son.

I have no beef with Mr Big, but this is ridiculous to say the least and by no means brilliant like you may think. Tricking someone while using someone else's identity is not crafty or smart , its low level and shows true character.

I call bullshit here and I have a feeling Ice , the Hello clan , the server will live another day despite all this drama.


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If you read the content that IceSkater posted then you should have no problem in finding that I agree with the decision to ban Mr Big permanently. Like my Pop's says "What you put in your soup you get on your spoon."


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If you read the content that IceSkater posted then you should have no problem in finding that I agree with the decision to ban Mr Big permanently. Like my Pop's says "What you put in your soup you get on your spoon."
Amen Brother !

Also, I'm in support of Ice here and his decision. Voting on this thread while it may be a side thing to do , it may undermine his processes and actions.

We have to let this die Pinky, for Ice and the other admins overall. If I go to far I expect I will face the music too!
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