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Battlefield 1 Server Shutdown


HelloClan Leader
Good evening to our community,

It is with great regret that I post this topic.

Unfortunately we will be shutting down our BF1 server. Even though it didn't have much chance to lift off, it has become a headache for me. It will go down around this month's end.

The amount of time needed to spend with it, to get players to join, is just too great a task for me to ask of anyone else currently. The Leader & Admin there, my friends, had tried but understandably we all have busy lives and it's just difficult to raise a new server off the ground when one's time is limited. Unless your like me and make the time...but I of all people understand.

We are going to now instead concentrate on what we have that is showing positivity and not giving me headaches. That is our BFV (always) and our RS2:V servers.

Efforts will be re-doubled to improve on them now, once I am happy with their numbers I will look at expanding again.

I apologize for the disappointment as a result of this decision, but I didn't want to keep throwing our benefactor's money down the drain every month...and I didn't want to keep hearing bad news about it...