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Get Out


Forum Guru
Has anyone seen this movie ?

I am late watching this movie however its a real gem of a horror flick. Clever writing and a great throw back attempt on the scary movies of the 80's . 90's and present.

What usually happens in these types of movies simply don't happen !



Forum Guru
Ill check it out, even higher rated I see.

When you watch " Get Out" tell me if you get the underlining meaning and purpose of the movie. I had to point out to everyone I knew who saw it, that's how good the writing is.

Hugo Decuco

Forum Rookie
I saw it. Good till the end. Bad people kidnapping young ones and trying to auction them to posses their bodies and eliminating their brains and replacing them for the bad people brains. For a moment it reminded me that movie "being John Malkovich." The bad people, all of them white, were rich and old. Kind of a sect, like iluminate, eager for young people. They use hypnotism to tame the young ones, in this case, were all young and black. I dont know if transplanting a brain is possible, but in this movie it is.