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Battlefield 5! What do we think?


HelloClan Leader

I have above the Battlefield 5 trailer!

It has finally arrived, although I am late with posting it.

What do you all think about it? Should we maybe get a server for it? ;)


Battlefield Vietnam Admin
I will be getting it and playing but am usually asleep during peak playing times until my summer daylight savings time kicks in.
If we are doing to do this then we need to up and running at game release to get regular players.


Battlefield Vietnam Admin
I'm in also - I'll concur with what Vmax said about getting up at release time. In the early going with Rising Storm Vietnam, we often had a full server but could not maintain that over time - maybe because we didn't have enough members on to seed it.

With Rising Storm Vietnam, many of the active servers have clan members on regularly. Maybe all HELLO members should make sure they are tagged when they play - that way we may get some more members - and members who primarily play BF5.


Master Poster
Graphics look sweet, hell yeah I'm in ! It may be a month or so until I get my new system up and running.
Its time for a change.