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Drm dealer Hacking


Forum Newbie
He uses an aimbot at the very least. Was doing it yesterday and today. Yesterday Wardog was on and I told him about it but he told me to get video, There was no point then as once he knew an admin was on he just fooled around and didn't really play so he wouldn't stand out. Today only the 2 of us in the server and was I getting taken out at long distance in jet by him in the huey consistently. Skittles joined and straight away picked he was hacking too and left.

No I don't have video but I'm sure enough people by will see what's going on.


HelloClan Leader
Whilst I appreciate the report,

The most absolute law we have is that we get video evidence of a person hacking before we ban them. So please try acquire this evidence otherwise our Admins will be on the lookout for it.

In the meantime, please refrain from accusing them of any map exploits, there is a rule against it. The same will be mentioned to skittles...


Forum Rookie
There are several players on the server whose piloting skills are extremely high. So they're all cheaters? I do not think so. And, by the way, you can kill any of them and stay alive at the same time, even Phal. It's not easy, but it's possible.
It is absolutely possible to take out planes from great distance. It is a great fun also.
It is especially easy if the plane flies in a straight line. Try avoiding direct attacks and making straightline turns in line of sight. But still. The pilot will be looking for you because it feels so good to take out a mig or a phantom who thinks he is invincible.

Pilots for the win!