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Application to join Hello clan.


Forum Newbie
For starters my name is Thomas, but I go by Decimation or Deci or Dessi or just D, Doesn't matter to me honestly.
I'm applying for membership because you guys have an awesome leader who had helped me set up BFV and for that I must join.
I've got numerous years of experience with computers and video games alike and just like IceSkater I feel more than happy to help those who need the help.


HelloClan Leader
Hey there Decimation, Deci or Dessi or D, ;) ;)

You are most welcome and I'm happy that you are able to join us here.

You're application is welcomed and accepted!

You may now add the -[HELLO]- tags to your name in-game!

Please do check out our rules at: www.helloclan.eu/pages/bfv/
They provide a detailed guide as to what is happening in-game and how to not have to face any unfortunate situations. :p

Ice / Shaun