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[Please Read Before Reporting] Player & Admin Complaints Forum

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HelloClan Leader
Please note:

Should you make use of this section of the forum, your report on a player or Admin will not be visible to anyone else. Once you submit a post in this forum, you may see the message on your post that says "Awaiting approval before being displayed publicly." This means that your report has successfully been sent in. Please don't stress if you think it's been deleted and you need to submit it again.

In the case of Player or Hacker reports, your post will be approved and moved to be viewed by the Administration.

In the case of an Admin report, it will be reviewed by myself and the Administration with the exclusion of the Admin reported. Once reviewed I will be in contact with you via direct message.

Once a Player / Hacker report has been reviewed, either myself or a member of the BFV Administration will send you a direct message with the judgement that will be given to the reported person.

In any of the above cases, your report will not be visible publicly. From now on I'm going hide past, current & future player submitted reports from public view to protect you from being harassed or targeted by those that you report. You will also not be able to see your report anymore once it is moved. Once dealt with, it will be archived for record keeping purposes. Again, not visible to public at all.

How to report;


What is needed:

Their in-game name.
A link to the map / round where they broke our rules.
Evidence, if any, would be appreciated but not required.

Map / round link can be attained by finding the round on our stats page here: www.helloclan.eu/pages/stats/


What is needed:

Their name.
If it was in-game, a link to the round / map page.
Any available evidence you may have.


What is needed:

Their name.
The map / round link where they used map exploits.
Video evidence is required proving they use map exploits. Otherwise we won't ban immediately and need to investigate further.

Actions that can be expected when reported persons are dealt with;


Judgement will be decided entirely upon the severity of their actions. No set ban time is at play here.


If the video evidence you provide is sufficient enough to prove beyond reasonable doubt that the reported person is hacking, they will be banned permanently. If the evidence you provide doesn't fully prove or support the permanent ban, the person will be investigated by Admins so that we can collect the necessary evidence we require to ban the person.


If the Admin has unfairly used their privileges, they will be subject to an inquiry. The Administration, with the exclusion of the Admin reported, will review any misdeeds and decide collectively on what needs to be done.

Please note:

Any reports submitted in this forum that do end up being publicly visible are not debatable here. This specific section of the forum is for players to report rule breakers and only Admin's to respond. It is otherwise locked and only Admin's may respond. Any responses made to a topic in this forum will be "Awaiting Moderation" but will be deleted once viewed.
Not open for further replies.