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Ban: Jibi aka Radicals

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HelloClan Leader
Over the past week or so, a vote has been taking place among the Administration.

A build up of player complaints, as well as the combination of the aforementioned player's attitude in game, was the cause for all of us ( the Administration ) to review our stance on this situation. A situation which we have decided has gone on long enough, with no sign of stopping in spite of warnings from both the community and Admins alike.

A unanimous decision was reached between the members of the Administration, with the ultimate goal of maintaining what is best for the server.

Our decision is to ban this player permanently.

A wise man has said, and I shall quote:

"This is a community and as such, it is a privilege to participate and not a right. As members, we each have an obligation to respect each other, play fairly, and abide by rules."
Not open for further replies.