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Error number: 0X80010105 at beginning of BFV install on Windows 7 64bit


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A few seconds after starting new BFV install on new lisenced copy of Win 7 64, with all possible updates, an error pops out. "Uhandled exception" "Error number: 0X80010105 Server threw an exception" "Installation will now terminate". Never had a problem before with Windows 7 64 bit before. It must be all the numerous windows updates that were installed. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.


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Hey Flightplan,

I've not seen that name in some time...

Before we try various methods of deduction, try running the installation as an Admin please?

Insert disc 1, then navigate to your disc drive and explore it's contents, where you see "autorun" right click on it and click on "Run As Admin". See if this helps.

I also suggest before going there to look throughout your pc and see if BFV is not perhaps installed somewhere still (files that may not have been deleted with an uninstall).

Key directories to look for this are:

Firstly, head over to your game directory, usually located in:

C:\Program Files (x86)\EA GAMES

Inside the EA GAMES folder, will be a sub folder titled “Battlefield Vietnam”, select it and hit delete or right click and hit delete.

Secondly, head over to this location:

C:\Users\*your username here*\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\EA GAMES

Again, inside this folder will be a sub folder titled “Battlefield Vietnam”, do the same as above and delete it.

Lastly, head on over to your recycle bin and delete the folders you have just delete above from it, to ensure that there is no ties to said folders. ( if you empty your recycle bin totally, please ensure you haven’t got anything important that you might still want in there! )

For extra assurance, you can go and delete the registry file as well to perform a proper clean install.

You will need to open your registry editor. Click on start and in the search bar type in "regedit.exe" or click on run and type in the same , once opened, follow this directory:

Electronic Arts\
EA Games\
Battlefield Vietnam\

If the directory above contains "Battlefield Vietnam" & "ERGC" exists, delete only these two directories. If it does not exist, then that is good. You can try run the install again.

If you need any further help, feel free to get in touch. :)



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I play on Hello server from time to time. Usually on Griffin. Well, there's not many players anywhere, so I guess I don't play all the time. Besides, the weather is nice, sooo :)
So the Windows is a licensed copy and a fresh clean install on a formated disc with every possible windows upgrade downloaded and installed. I was hoping to get BFV installed too before making a system image for easy backup. I used the right button to install as admin as always, and I even turned off the anti-virus to see if it would install like that. Still no luck. I checked the registry, it was clean. No Electronic Arts there.
Any ideas would be appreciated. No hurry of course. In a few days I'll be heading out to the countryside for three days, so I'll be gone for a while anyway. What investigation I tried to do lead me to programs not having even anything to do with game installation problems, but were connected with Win7 64bit seeing 32bit files and not handling it and some focuses to get around it. I have no idea what 32 bit files in BFV install that my overly updated Win7 64 bit might have not liked.

Best Regards,


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Thanks for the input Ricey,

But I'm afraid it's not that simple. He can't get his game installed at all to even make use of the no-cd patch. Will see how he fares with the fix I sent him via DM.

See you in-game.