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Cant Join your Server


HelloClan Leader
Hey Silvan,

When you say excluded, do you mean Banned?

I'm going to need you to download this tool please: https://www.moddb.com/games/battlefield-vietnam/downloads/bf-easy-key-hasher

Download and launch it, make sure the "Battlefield Vietnam" button is clicked and it will show your CD Key and your CD Keyhash. Please will you send me your Keyhash via direct message or email (iceskater@helloclan.eu) so I can see if you are maybe sharing a key that is perhaps banned.

Best Regards


Forum Newbie
Thank you very much. I have changed the Key. Now it works better. The only thing i have to do, i think, is to reinstall the game and update it only to 1.2. Hope we will see online ;)