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Never played and already banned! Help. Thanks


Forum Newbie
Hello I tried to log into your server (for the first time ever) and it said 'Banned From Server'. Not sure why this is. (Other information, i recently updated to v1.21, don't know if that matters. Thanks for the help.


HelloClan Leader

I don't suppose you used a CD key from the internet perhaps? As 99% of them end up on our ban list because permanently banned players use those keys to try evade their bans.

If you can please download this tool: https://www.moddb.com/games/battlefield-vietnam/downloads/bf-easy-key-hasher

Run it and ensure that Battlefield Vietnam is selected, it will generate both the CD Key you used as well as it's keyhash. Please can you direct message me your keyash then I can look for where it is banned and why. If it ends up being a part of a bad person's attempt at evading their ban, I'll send you a new Key.

V1.21 won't affect this, but it's good you're already patched up to our server version. :)