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Razur - Looking to Join


Forum Newbie
In-Game Username: Razur

I've been playing BFVietnam for a good long time now, and I was absolutely devastated when Gamespy shut down, and when Windows 10 rolled around I spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to get it working again, I'm honestly just happy that I can play nowadays. I'm also a huge fan of DooM games and most older shooters too, like Quake and Duke 3D, and it'd mean a lot to truly be a part of a community for a game that I spent so much time playing years ago and am continuing to enjoy long after the Gamespypocalypse.

The entire reason I know that this clan exists is because it's one of the last places that I can actually play BFVietnam online with other players, and honestly I can't do much but thank you for that, and also a huge thanks for helping me set up BFVietnam and jump back into the fray after a long while of nothing.

If I don't get accepted, just know you still have my thanks.


HelloClan Leader
Hey Razur,

We're always accepting, maybe somewhere along the line we'll be able to have a clan war against our own clan...or sometime get an old clan back from the dead to game against us. ;) I did it once...I think I do it again.

You are most welcome, it brings me great joy getting player's games working and all in all just helping out. I'm honored that I was able to assist you.

Welcome to the Clan, please ensure your tags are on all the time (unless you're spectating someone of course ;) ),

Be sure to drop by on the voice chat of Discord if you see other players in the BFV channel. Who knows, you might even find me there, granted my times are odd nowadays...

Enjoy the game, I hope it's as much fun as you remember it! :)

Best Regards
Shaun aka IceSkater