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Hello Warrior, i dont understand where is my teamkilling here! And the Tk is not written in game... I dont understand very well what happen in this video, im sorry if you feel a tk but i think im in the Mi8 cargo behind you and Look... im killed by M60 so my chopper (dead) fall on yours, It was an accident you died after my death how it could be a Tk ? Each time i commited a Tk, it was always an accident and i writte "sorry [nick]" in chat.


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I remember this game, i was flying behind you and going to the U.S main with the cargo to give them good times. i absolutly didn't care about trying to Tk you...The proofs of what i said (up) are in your video, i took some pictures, watch yourself. I deserve some apologies from you and the admin for banned me 6 houres :)
In compensations i accept your money or the right to Tk you one time when i want without risking a ban. Regards.
Capture.JPG Capture2.JPG

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You'll note that you weren't even banned yet. I had not had a chance to. I merely posted the ban topic.

Please also note that the game doesn't log teamkills properly unless say friendly fire is on and you shoot someone with a law. Then it will show up. In a case of say, someone trying to ram someone out of the air, and they succeed and the other person hits the ground, it's a teamkill but it won't show as one.

The only thing is that you were following closely behind Warrior. That doesn't look good at the start of things. You could have taken your own path, maybe you were hiding behind Warrior to avoid fire, but you were right on him the whole time.

We can call it even for now. However, I would strongly advise against any team killing.
Hello Bass. I'd like to add something as well. If you look closer you can notice that you started pulling me over way before you were killed, so no wreckage could cause my death.

Each time i commited a Tk, it was always an accident and i writte "sorry [nick]" in chat.
Well, I didn't see it back then, not even a simple similar radio command from you. All this resulted in my opinion about intensional nature of this event. With Ice's soft attitude about punishment now you even haven't had a chance to experience any problems with playing the game. So it's not so bad.
If you feel yourself innocent, please, restrain yourself from plot the collision course through moving in front of you vehicles in future.


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Thanx Ice,
I dont remember if i was flying behind him to avoid fire (but its possible), i was probably juste going right to their main without see him on my left (out of my screen) and i was hit by something like mutt, turned to avoid it and finaly killed by MrOrange's m60.
Honestly, i'll never try to tk someone bcs he's hogging a mi8 or a Hueygun. i flew so long times theses aircrafts than im actually bored to fly them that's why i prefer fly or use others weapons. I fly them only when my team need it and when no one is flying with. (Ask TheNnM, yesterday on this map i flew only the Huey slick and we got a lot of fun with him as gunner on the left side)
I'm happy when a player like Warrior uses it bcs I can do my stuff without asking myself if the chopper pilot will do his job. With warrior i know he'll do it well.
There is no chance i tried to Tk him for that reason.
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Ok warrior, just to end this:
-I didnt gave apologies in game bcs i didnt feel any Tk or mistakes i did
at this moment, i just died so i didnt understand you crashed bcs of me... it was probably just a stupid collision like thousands we known in this game since 2004.
-I agree to recognize i perhaps flew close to you and was watching only horizon without taking care about you, my apologies for that, but at the end it is just a flying error and that makes a very big diference with an intentional Tk, no one report a player or ban him when it happens rarely with him.
At the end it is not the fact of being ban a few hours or not that I have a problem, it's being accused here of trying
tk you intentionaly. That is not true.