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Ban: Multiple Players

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Site Admin
Admin: Myself / Reported
Rule's Broken: Main Raping
Action(s) Taken: 24hr Ban for each player
Player's Banned: Rick, 40 angry mexicans, BassToss & lordnyra
Admin's Note:

lordnyra if you read this, players are allowed to talk whatever dialect they wish. We have zero tolerance for racism on this server, I suggest you don't post comments like this:

this is an english server i can report you for non native speak
non native is banned
Like, don't post that at all, thank you. The map prior to the one which you had been main raping (Siege of Khe Sahn) was Flaming Dart, dart does not have designated mains thus the main rape rule does not apply to that map. The rules can be found easily here: https://www.helloclan.eu/pages/bfv/
Not open for further replies.