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A member to help with all.


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Hi, I'm Weliton, also known as Bntk#f0rest or just f0rest in-game. I'm a brazilian 19 years old guy (so sorry any english mistake) that have meet Battlefield Vietnam like 8 years ago. I have always played it on singleplayer mode, but, a time ago i have decided to experience the multiplayer mode, and there i have meet the HelloClan's server, the only one wich contains people playing. After that, i've decided to call my friends to joining in and help server to be more populated (and i still doing it), preventing it to die in the emptiness (i hope it never happen). So i've talked with IceSkater yesterday and ask him for a chance to be part of HelloClan, not just for being part, but for helping people with their problems and helping all in the measures of possible: providing game keys, files and whatever they need. Since i joined on discord i have seen so much people with that kind of problem. So thats the reason for the title "A member to help with all". I want to help, since i have a long time experience with games and Windows. I know that be taking care of all players trouble its hard, so if possible i want to see -[HELLO]- Bntk#f0rest helping even more with. So grateful.