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Hi questions for all (specially iceska8r)


Forum Newbie
hi so its max.
So im from a Minecraft server called Hellominers.
so I was on Hellominers.com and I went to the registered users for the server forums there and saw a banner (looked old) and clicked it and it brought me here.
The server used to be called HelloClan so that's why it was registered for here.

but the thing that most surprised me is the user IceSkater. When our server crashes sometimes a user name iceskater8 or smthing joins (I think he is a technician dunno tbh)
but I just wanted to share that crappy story with u, just generally dunno what happened but I think it must have some sort of relation.



Site Admin
Hi Max,

I'm sorry to disappoint you at the moment, but I think that is another Ice that shares a similar name to me. I have no special permissions for the HM site / server. I did fix the HM site inadvertently when I fixed ours the other day when both were down due to too many connections, but that was it.

I understand that HM is currently having serious issues, and I'm sorry that I am unable to assist.



Forum Wizard
Hi Max

To further cloud the waters we had and BFV admin named Max for a few years and as you can see I am Vmax. :)