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And its Goodbye from me.


Forum Wizard
Hi guys and gals I have been thinking of resigning for a few weeks now and recent events on here have tipped the balance for me so its time for me sign off before I change my mind again. :)

Thanks to all of the Leaders, Admins and Players who have been friendly and helpful on my long journey here and have fond memories of playing with you all and may even play on the server once in a while.

I will be staying in touch with the few good friends I have made here so if you are one of those then we will talk soon. :)

But the handful of people who have made it difficult....Lets say It will be refreshing not to deal with your shit anymore. :D

I will be leaving the BFV Leader and Admin jobs at the same time and will be dropping my HELLO tags as well so it will be a fresh start on mostly Australian servers(Low ping) for me and as a player only at this time.


Battlefield Vietnam Admin
Vmax ,

All the best to you. I hope to run into you sometime in the future. Enjoy your very well deserved fresh start and low pings.

Capt. Canada

Elite Poster

I can empathize with you. I left for much the same reason.

Relax, enjoy the game again if you can. If you cannot, then enjoy the peace of mind. You're a good man, and the game needed you more than you will need it.


Battlefield Vietnam Admin

All the best, enjoy your new gained free time. We'll see us on our new undertaking.


Battlefield Vietnam Admin
VMAX, you will be missed. Best of luck to you with all your future plans. Thank you for everything you did for the server.