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Hi guys, Im a old school gamer (~50 years old), playing around since Q3 and first Unreal Tournament, I love Battlefield series, but like more the older versions. Im a college teatcher in Brazil, but I´m a student as well: daytrading, still fighting for consistency and profitability. I saw your server while tracking BFV servers around the net, they are so few...:( Im not a pro, I enjoy playing a few hours but just for fun and a bit of nostalgia.

See you around



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Thanks anyway. I have a question, how to play on ur server, since it is pw protected?

I tried to access the thread u replied to vitas1472 -> https://www.helloclan.eu/threads/8825/ where u wrote it is not necessary to be part of the clan to play in it, but it then says:

"You do not have permission to view this page or perform this action."