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Website Update Log

How do you like new features?

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HelloClan Leader

The purpose of this thread is to notify users of recent changes regarding our website's functionality / design / etc and to get feedback from users. Some changes might be useful, some might be important, so keep yourself updated!


HelloClan Leader
Update #1.

I'm still getting familiar with available to me functionality of this website, so I finally found time to look into it a little deeper.

Our previous -[HELLO]- leaders surely did a great job in transferring hello website to a new platform, but this default design... In order to raise the xmas spirit of our community I've changed some things a little. Check out new snow effect and a new more appropriate background. How do you like it?

No need to throw slippers at me if you don't like it, now you also can turn it ON/OFF at any time!
You can find this option near your nickname and on the bottom of the page:



Besides ability to choose background there are also some additional features that might be useful. I won't describe it thoroughly, because I think you can find it out yourself ;)



Battlefield Vietnam Admin
I have the dark theme set so I had to toggle to the light theme to see the changes!


Battlefield Vietnam Admin
I did not like how the USA flags were all turned blue and the communist flags were all still red. Thank you for changing it back.


HelloClan Leader
Thank you for your feedback. As you probably noticed, sometimes weapon selection is different as well.. I'm still testing some available features from time to time in order to bring something new and fun here and in the meantime I observe players' reaction in game, either they like it or not. There won't be such constant radical important changes until preliminary discussion or notice.

However, please, next time make a new thread in appropriate forum section rather than creating off-topic posts..