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4v4 Infantry Tournament


HelloClan Leader
Hey everyone!

On our Discord server we've got an invitation message recently and they are looking for more teams:
«[BTF]»| Mr.WiGgLeZ said:
Hey everyone.BTF is hosting a 4 v4 infantry tournament on HUE 1968.There will be a 125USD$ cash prize to the team that comes in first.Find a team or create one and DM me via Discord to sign up.The vehicles have been removed on HUE.
Dropped it here in case some of you are not on our Discord server yet.

So, is anyone interested to play on a pro level? I'm looking forward to hear from -[HELLO]- clan members and the rest of our regular players who'd like to participate. If you're in - please, post in this topic or send me a PM.

Let's see if we can form a team or two for this event!