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Customizing game experience

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---How long has it been since there was something new and fun here? Like forever? I don't remember there were any changes at all other than replacing M113 with Zippo once in some old prehistoric times. Of course, I understand that -[HELLO]- server has been like almost forever a classic server with original maps and without any modding now, and I'm sure the majority of our fellow players would like to keep it this way. But what if we return something like the event holding like it was long long time ago: jeep racings on Dart, etc, etc?
---Unfortunately, I don't see the need of running another server due to the lack of players, but what if we randomly put 1 or 2 customized maps in default map order? I am sure it won't hurt the server population, but rather will help raise it and surely will be a good surprise for everybody to overcome the routine and boring default maps, like it was yesterday. Moreover, looking back at my previous little tests of running customized maps with red and blue flags and replaced A7 Corsair, I have already received some ideas regarding changing some vehicles on selected maps through in-game chat from the players and even from one admin.
---I'd like to point out here that the server side modding mostly takes a lot of time to make a crash-safe version of the map, so don't expect such kind of events every weekend or even month.

---So here it is! I'm going to post here every event with some description, so if you really like it and would like to see it later again, just leave your LIKE under particular post with favorite event. MORE LIKES - MORE CHANCES TO SEE IT IN-GAME AGAIN!

---Have you been doing modding stuff before or maybe just made your first server side mod? Or maybe you're not familiar how to do modding but have really awesome ideas of how we can change things in a really cool way? Post your ideas/mods HERE (https://www.helloclan.eu/threads/8973/) and the same rule will apply: MORE LIKES YOUR POST GETS - MORE CHANCES TO SEE IT IN-GAME!

P.S. As far as I know it is impossible to move/delete/add buildings and other static objects, change textures, etc. Because it is a very little things we can do only by server side, it's not even possible to add more types of vehicles that already exist on a map, only replace them. So keep this in mind if you like to see a night version of Dart with a moon sky or something like that. Or better consult me or some modder before posting here.


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--------------------------OPERATION ANTI HASTINGS




Key features:
  • US and NVA bases are now relocated

    However all vehicles belonging to each team are remaining the same, so there won't be any problems with balance
  • Main bases cannot be captured now

    Isn't it a sweet feature for Battlefield Vietnam? Looking back at BF1942 and BF2 I am wondering why it has been missed in BFV, because it would make so much difference to gameplay! It may also come in handy considering how many players are not happy if someone steals the main in the beginning of a round, so the map would end very fast.
  • All repair/ammo points for choppers have been replaced as well

    Take into consideration that if you're gonna repair chopper at your mainbase, you probably won't see the "ammo" and "health" icons under minimap, but the repairing process will still go smoothly. Enemy choppers cannot be repaired at your mainbase. Only one helipad located at Forward Fire Base is capable of repairing helicopters of the both teams
  • US army has now ARVN firearms

    That's a buggy one, because it's not showing properly in weapon selection menu...
If you want to try it out, hurry up! This is the only weekend it's going to be ON as a trial!

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  • BM-21 on beach replaced with a Rocket Car
Actually, this idea was given to me by one player in-game:

2020-01-19 17:17:30 : # [Global] -[HELLO]- [RUS]WаrriуR: add rocket truck on city map?
2020-01-19 17:17:34 : # [Global] Jum_P: add it better at irving
2020-01-19 17:18:30 : # [Global] -[HELLO]- [RUS]WаrriуR: rocket truck on irving?
2020-01-19 17:18:33 : # [Global] -[HELLO]- [RUS]WаrriуR: interesting
2020-01-19 17:18:55 : # [Global] Jum_P: to balance it
---Hmm.. I have always noticed red is loosing too much on that map and rarely who's using BM-21 standing on beach. Further investigation lead me to our stat page: http://helloclan.eu/bfv/stats/maps.php where you can see how many actual rounds were won by each side. US: 2517, NVA 601 ! ! !

---And here it goes the only attempt to slightly balance it by giving NVA a rocket car. In order to be able to use it NVA must hold the village flag. However, even if this vehicle seems so powerful at first look, NVA lost the round yesterday anyway. We'll see how it goes today!
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