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Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)


Forum Guru
Curious to hear how everyone is dealing with the Coronavirus.

Its hitting close to home in Northern California. Many people in my area are panic shopping and starting to disaster prep.

Whats the word globally ?


Battlefield Vietnam Admin
here in my city there are 3 suspects of contamination, but in the state 6 cases have already been confirmed, today I went to a bus terminal and saw that some people are already starting to use masks, it may be because here is the border region, in short the question is to prepare, and prevent yourself in the possible ways, hoping for it to pass soon.

x4|Al Gore

Forum Rookie
Here in New Jersey, all chicken, eggs, cup-noodles, gone from Costco warehouse. Some people are hoarding too much food while leaving others without it. What will they do with so much meat? Some of it will spoil over time, even if its frozen. Its worse here in USA because there have been many movies and TV shows about apocalypse that encourage stocking up, arming up, etc. Most public schools and colleges are closed. This virus shows how unprepared we were. Good thing is there is noticeably less traffic on roads and highways. Fewer people out. Also, the air feels a little cleaner these days. It's actually nice being outside in perfect spring weather. We should have more of this without a disaster causing it. Long weekends and holidays are the opposite of what we see now.