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The Hacker is Back ! !


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If someone really thinks, there's an hacker on the server, then I would say the best way is to record it and post it into the Forum/send the video to an admin. Why are these hack-accusations in the server-chat needed in that way? Most times it's defaming players, who are not cheating and it's taking all the fun for these players. This is not espacially adressed to you mRoRange, there are some other people who are doing this very often.

I appreciate what Al Gore wrote. He realized: "Ok, I've made a mistake, there are other weapons, which are more precise for killing players in distance", and then I think it's fine. And I'm sure, if I would also post the videos, where I got called cheater/hacker (it was also at the time when Al Gore called HTN a cheater), he would see this and might laugh together with us. I think, that's what this thread is firstly about: Just to have some fun. And maybe secondly, to show how many people are calling someone a hacker which is not justified.


HelloClan Leader
I didn't act. I just wanted to enjoy the game like an ordinary player and without interacting with anyone. In fact, I haven't said a single word to you, so it's doubtful I fed you anything. This could as well be a new skillful player, who were active in the distant past and decided to try the game again in 2020. There are a lot of such players out there and it would be a shame if someone joins the server for the first time in years and sees this kind of "warm" welcome.
Just a food for thought for anyone who does similar things.

I also play sometimes with random identities to watch over suspicious players and other rule breakers. They usually don't suspect it is admin playing, so it is much easier to see their genuine gameplay. In this case I may randomly play / spectate / and play again and I won't be able to say who I really am.

You must be thinking I am doing this only to catch players on saying something stupid or even provoke them to make fun of, but no, it stopped being entertaining a long time ago. All I'm trying to do is to show how it looks from the other side and also to show my fair gameplay, if someone still have doubts. If you see it how I think you see it, you are just unable to see the bigger picture.

Celebrate? It is very disappointing altogether, that's why I created this thread in the first place. To show players how ugly and laughable it is calling names and insulting all the time so they could think about it and stop doing this. But, it keeps coming and coming no matter who plays under what identities...

Nevertheless, I admit I really enjoyed that Hue round where you were talking nice and almost everyone was nice as well. It was a pleasure experience I haven't had in years, If I ever had at all. It is so rare here. Thank you for this short moment of a perfect game round to me, I will never forget it indeed.

Did you catch and uncover some big mystery? Don't need to take it personally. If you haven't noticed I post here almost every case of hack accusations and you are here too only because you made accusations yourself. That's it.
And, once again, if you formulate a theory and suspect a hacker, the only right way to do is to report it on forum. Not accusing players in game.

What does that prove? Looking at the number of posts here and that it never ends, I would say it can prove only one thing.
That the overall situation is hopeless and neither my videos nor my "memes and gif's", or as paranoid called it "gifs and shit", are not going to change the situation.

mRoRange is indeed very rarely breaking any rules and almost not receiving any warnings or kicks for being disruptive (unlike for being afk :D).
But there are many others who do this on daily basis.

Perhaps, instead of wasting time posting funny vids and shit, we just need to lay back, relax, and enjoy watching how our ban list is getting longer and longer?