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Ban: meatloaf aka agathius

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HelloClan Leader
Admin: Admins decision
Rule Broken: Disruptive gameplay
Action(s) Taken: Permanent ban
Admin's note:

Admins discussed his disruptive actions and decided to permanently ban agathyus due to the repeating nature of his violations.
Today after his recent 6 months ban he joined our server and started to make more teamkills play disruptively again.

He has received a kick for his actions on Operation Hastings:

Several rounds later after his kick he continued to violate our rules:

[24 hours ban] helloclan.eu/threads/8946/
[3 days ban] helloclan.eu/threads/8971/
[1 week ban] helloclan.eu/threads/8974/
[1 week ban] helloclan.eu/threads/8985/
[1 month ban] helloclan.eu/threads/8998/
[6 months ban] helloclan.eu/threads/9036/
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