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Hello Clan!


Forum Newbie
Im 24yo _Mekanism_ from Finland and have always had a passion for gaming. BFV is simply the best FPS game ever made so i would like to stay active and see the servers full again like they once were <3 I found HelloClan simply by looking for a BFV download on the internet and im sure glad i did! You guys were very helpful and understanding towards each of my stupid question about the download and installing process and i would be happy to be a part of your clan.


HelloClan Leader
Your application has been accepted, now you can add -[HELLO]- tag to your nickname.

Please ensure you stay active here on the forums where you will find the latest BFV news and information, as well as staying active on our BFV game server where you can have a lot of fun playing with our other players!

Welcome to HelloClan!