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[Admin] Ban Topic Template

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Jan 6, 2021
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Stat's Page Link:

Rule(s) Broken:

Action(s) Taken:


Admins Note:


The above template should have the following input when creating a ban topic:

This would be the admin that handled the offense and if it was reported it should be mentioned it was a result of a report. In the case of it being reported, the reporter's name must not be disclosed.

Stat's Page Link:
This will be the link to the map or maps where the rules were broken in this case.

Rule(s) Broken:
This should say what rule or rules were broken.

Action(s) Taken:
This will state what action was taken, eg: 24 Hour Ban.

This will reflect evidence if there is any.

In the case of a player-made report, any evidence, either provided or acquired, will be posted here.

If the ban is a result of an Admin executing their duties whilst in-game and putting a stop to said offense, evidence is not a necessity. Such as main rape. However, if evidence is required for proof by the banned player, it can be obtained via event logs. Please appeal your ban if you wish to view the evidence. Admins are not expected to have a screen recorder open all the time, thus event logs will suffice if need be for proof.

Admin's Note:
Any other special additions the Admin wishes to add.


The ban topic, along with any other reports made by players must conform to the Admin Courses of Action & Player Report Perquisites topics.
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