HelloClan Memorial

This page is specifically dedicated to our fallen teammates.

Jerry Davis aka Cosmo

Jerry Davis aka Cosmo

Possibly one of our most committed players and a worthy adversary in-game..

Jerry, known here as Cosmo, sadly passed away on May 12th 2016.

Gerry aka FlowerPower

An excellent Battlefield Vietnam player.

A kind person and a trusted Admin for HelloClans BFV server. Gerry, known here as flowerpower, sadly passed away on August 4th 2014.

Pieter Bruinsa aka {AiR} Piet

Pieter Bruinsma aka {AiR} Piet

A very active, odd hour-playing member of our Battlefield Vietnam community.

A formidable player, deadly as a pilot. Piet sadly passed away on March 6th 2020.